Christu Nilayam Children

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Children’s Home

One of the major concerns of christunilayam is  the social development of the destitute, semi orphan and orphan children. We believe all children are equally deserve to get education and to stand on their foot so that they can face their tomorrows with confident.

 children’s home  started with 5 children. When it was started we had lot of limitations such as building, money and other infrastructure. But God worked  magnificently through many generous people.

 Now we have 70 children, both girls and boys. They happily live and study. We could mould many number of children by giving food, shelter, education, medication and moral values. We can say that, by His grace our children confidently going out from our children’s home after education and find place in the society.

 We take children from age 6 and give  food, shelter, education, medication and teach them moral values. We help them to study well and  it will help them to get job . It is true that they get job and live confidently like other children.